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*Golf in My World!

I have reason to believe that at one time or another, you’ve actually “swung” a golf club! If not yourself, a member of your household. The following is no “big-deal” unless you happen to be me.  A carving buddy, Jack Kunz, gifted me a couple of his golf clubs today which happen to have been on my wish-list for several years.
Let me go back about three golf-seasons, to the year I was asked by two separate individuals, to show them how to “hit-a-golf-ball”. If you do actually know me, you are already laughing; I’m the last one to show anyone how to hit a golf-ball. One of these individuals was my grand-daughter, Michelle Marie. In the process of teaching her to hit with her “borrowed” clubs, she mentioned how much she would like to have a “hybrid” fairway club. It so happened that I had just acquired such a club at a charity-golf-outing and was quite taken with it. I gave it to her and have planned ever since to replace it. Footnote: She did make her high-school golf team that year. She soon gave up golf to be in the school’s chorus. She returned the borrowed clubs to the school, but she still retains Grandpa’s Hybrid.
Back to friend Jack at his manse earlier today. He had recently called to offer a gift to me of his Delta Planer which he is replacing with an up-graded one. I quickly accepted his generous offer and waited for his call to pick it up. The call came yesterday and I drove to his home to get it. The planer is a welcomed addition to my work-shop. While standing in his shop, the subject of golf came up, as well as his brand new set of Calloway Golf Clubs. His new set includes two Hybrids. I mentioned how that I hope to get around to getting a hybrid myself. All of a sudden Jack handed me from a nearby shelf, his Ping (my brand) two hybrids that were just replaced by his nifty Calloways; they are 18 & 24 degree fairway-clubs.
Well, they’re in my bag now until spring. I found and downloaded the attached Hybrid-Iron Conversion Chart to help me select the clubs to replace in my bag. You can see it below if this is of   interest to you:
Consult the relevant chart
below to determine what the
hybrid angle to look for
replacing a standard club.
Mens Hybrid Loft Conversion
Guide Hybrid Angle
Club Replaced
14° – 16° 3 wood or 1 iron
17° – 19° 5 wood or 2 iron
20° – 22° 7 wood or 3 iron
23° – 25° 9 wood or 4 iron
26° – 28° 5 iron
Apparently, I have a pre-mature case of cabin-fever and winter’s barely here. You “Snow-Birds” can rub-it-in if you wish.
Happy New Year and Play it as it lies!

*It’s That Time of the Year

Thanksgiving with our family is a happy memory. Saw this year’s first “smack” of over-night snow this morning. Last evening, we cozied in front of our first log-fire of the season. The decorations are complete and the “Poodle-Prince”, Davidson is  sporting his new clip.  Today, I’m sitting by the fire, listening to my classical music softly in the background whilst I read my Nook.  I’m reading my first e-book-on-loan from our Public Library. I have 13 more days to read the e-book and then it will automatically disappear from my Nook.  I’m a fan of the Library and am long accustomed to selecting and putting holds on my selections,  “on-line”.

It’s already too cold in my garage to carve on my bird-projects. I must eventually brace myself, heat the garage, and perservere. I plan to wrestle again with the  life-sized Red-tailed Hawk. It only needs a few hours attention to get past the carving stage and on to the detailing stage. I’ll then bring it inside for a month or two of wood-burning the feather quills and barbs. Hopefully, this bird will be ready for our first woodcarving show of 2012 in Middletown, OH. June will probably have a few more sessions with her paint-students. Otherwise, we’re on our Winter Hiatus from Wildfowl Art & Teaching.

Our family traditions include several that are coming-up very soon. June & daughter Michelle’s annual “Cookie Baking Day” at Michelle’s house, and Michelle and me off for a dinner (often Skyline) and shopping for her mom until we “ace” the list!  Happily (for me) Michelle takes the gifts home with her, wraps and labels them for me, to June and brings them here to Das Hamonhaus on Christmas Day. Then, the clan gathers once again for food, gifts and merriment.

Eating Out (should become an Olympic Event) with friends fills in whatever gaps may appear on our calendar.  We’re very blessed to have these family and these friends enscounced so warmly in our lives; woodcarvers included.  So, when the cheeriness appears to be fading, around January and February, think about revving it all back up again for the Spring. That’s what we do, to prepare for our Spring Class; and so on and on goes, I hope, for a very long time.

So, from the two of us to you, dig in and enjoy. We’re in this together. Keep those bird-feeders filled!

Happy birding and carving,  Bill and June

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3

*Happy Thanksgiving from Das Hamonhaus

Happy Thanksgiving from Das Hamonhaus. We and our family have been gathering for this day since our births. June and I have done so together for more than half-a-century. We’ve been blessed to have you and all of our woodcarving friends with us for nearly a quarter of a century.  Today, we’ll gather with family and extended family for the traditional gathering and feasting. Our “Winter Hiatus” is now “Official” and we’re focused more on each other, family and friends. Remember to thank God for his everlasting goodness towards us.

Happy birding and carving, Bill & June
Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3

*Our 50th Anniversary Party


The Hamonhaus Artmeisters

Nah! That’s not a “party-pic”, or is it! No, that’s the Carving & Paint Meisters frolicking at Schmidt’s Sausagehaus in German Village some time ago. But, to continue about our “big” 50th Anniversary Party which was at our churches’ Family Life Center two days ago. We totaled 112-120 guests, lots of food featuring tons of shrimp, wraps, whatever…Daughter Michelle personally crafted a wonderful power-point slide show accompanied by the music of our lives.  It was terrific!  She and our  son Rick more than “picked-up” the tab for the gala. (Ca-Ching!)  Grand-daughter Alexa helped endlessly, as did favorite niece Sarah. Alexa modeled (walked the run-way) June’s original Wedding Gown; how beautiful she is!  Favorite nephew Christopher came into town to make an appearance as well.  Son Rick and lovely wife Lisa came, bringing their little grand-daughter (our great-grand-daughter) Makala. Lisa spent most of her time taking the official party-photos which we can’t wait to receive from her and to post.


June’s sister Susan was in charge (did and donated) the floral and all of the table decor and much more. She achieved great ambiance and mood in the room.  Huge job, well done. Grand-daughter Nicole manned the Welcome Desk beautifully. We featured a table of our wood-carvings which drew a lot of interest from many.  We were thrilled to have a few tables of our wood-carving friends present as well.  A second cake was unveiled as a surprise for me; a Red Miata Sports car, replete with us in the seats and tin-cans tied to it’s rear. ZOOM, Zoom, zoom…I don’t know if anyone noticed me standing to attention when the slide-show music played the Marine Corps Hymn. That’s just a “Marine” thing.  We had a 20-Questions Game which June and I moderated from the mike; all about us. Fun!  Several came to the mike to read their prepared memories of a “Happy or Funny” thing about us. Daughter Michelle and Grand-daughter Alexa led-off, presenting us with an Official Certificate signed by Governor Kaisic of Ohio followed by Sharon Troute and then Grady Troute.   Zane Haught had written a wonderful poem which he read and ad-libbed with his special CPA brand of wit and humor. Shalmah Cogdell Prince, Betty Raish , J.D. Cash, and lastly,   Chester Shockley followed with a framed Collage of us winning a Oldie’s Dating Game Contest and wearing our Golden Crowns of Victory.

Many Family and Friends pitched-in to make this possible and to do much of the heavy-lifting before, during and after the party. The Friends included Tom Stokes, Betty and Sam Raish, Roger Simmons, David Anspaugh, Jeff Covey, J.D. Cash, Jim and Beth Rogers, Margaret Ringle, Don and Yvonne Painter. Many more assisted with the stowing of chairs and tables afterwards. Our graditude and love go out to all for your loving toil to make our day as perfect as was possible.

So, we’ll end this posting with our love and appreciation extended fully to every guest, family member and friend who conspired, donated and slaved to deliver this bigger-than-life party for all of us to enjoy.  Thank you for being in our lives. You did Good!

Love, Bill and June

*A Favorite Christmas Tradition

Each year, Christmas eases into our consciousness before we realize it. I cringe when retailers put up Christmas decorations before and around Thanksgiving. It usually dawns on me and I get the first sensation of Christmas along with a whiff of the spirit of the season at a very special time; shopping with daughter Michelle for June’s gifts.  Since she was small, Michelle and I set a date each year for our shopping forray. June is always coerced to produce a short list of gifts she might accept (she stays home whilst we cavort, shop & dine).  We know it’s very wise of us to only go to stores that will be convenient for June to return many of the gifts to.


For a number of years when this all first  started as a lark, little, and then, not so little (but always pretty) Michelle would choose whatever restaurant she wished for the two of us to eat dinner at. In later years, after decades of selective experimentation, we typically go to Skyline. Then, in her role as “Navigator & Personal-Shopper”, she directs us from one store to the next until “touch-down”!  Returning home, I take all of the bags from my car’s trunk and put them into her car’s trunk. The next time the gifts are seen by anyone, is when they arrive for the families’ dinner and sharing on Christmas Day. Michelle and Jerry tote them inside and strew them beneath our tree with the others.  First, the feast and then the plunder; lots of grins, giggles, hugs and perhaps even a few tears.


Well, it was just last night when we both  got the pleasant and happy wiff & spirit of the season; we did it right, as usual. Love you sweetie….Dad


Merry Christmas to all…from Bill & June


*Brrr..Not going to Florida this year?

Bill & June, Wildfowl Artists

It’s 21 degrees outside!  Still too cold to be  puttering around in my garage or outside.  Symptoms of “Cabin Fever” are starting to emerge around here.  June’s adapting better than I had originally expected to her “new life” as a retiree.  She goes from one project to the next around here.  Translated, that means that I’m also kept more involved than before.  I even had some “surprise pancakes” for breakfast yesterday.  She’s  ready to apply a second coat of paint today to our dining room’s library table.  It will be moved tomorrow to our great room as serve as a temporary stand for our new 50″ Panasonic 1080p Plazma TV  to be delivered Friday  by Best Buy.  It will hopefully be replaced this Fall with a new TV Stand  and the library table goes back to the dining room.  We will shop the Sauder Furniture Outlet Store in Archbold, OH when we attend the Woodcarving Show there later this year.  We’ve  been impressed with their selection and prices.   Over the years, I’ve steadily evolved into a “Prime-time TV Addict” and am excited about the new flat-screen we’re getting in a few days.  By the way, the anticipated TV was part of our decision to NOT do our previously-annual-trip to Florida this year.  My current carving-efforts have been to finish the six-Shore-bird Stick Decoys for 2010. All that I have remaining to be done, is to insert the bills, sand, apply the sealer and sand again.  Then, they go to June’s paint table to be painted.  As some are aware, for the last five years, we  have donated one of these at each Carving Show Carver’s Banquet that we attend .  One of them goes to a carver at each banquet as a door-prize.  We get to keep one each year for our own collection.  This year it’s the Black-necked Stilt.  In a few weeks, I’ll send-out our e-mail announcing our Spring Class which starts in March.  We will have a great time for ten weeks carving the Red-headed Woodpecker.  Can’t wait to get started!

Happy birding and carving,  Bill
Bald Eagle #3

*Let’s Talk Family Gathering

Forever Young

Well, it’s “different” again this year. The configuration of our “family” continues to evolve; shrinking and expanding again.  As I recently mentioned in one of my posts, “the family that is, has changed the family that was!”  Daughter Michelle has taken over much of the work and planning of our gatherings at her home. Son-in-law Jerry always does the honors of deep-frying the Thanksgiving Turkey #1 and we bring the roasted Turkey #2 (the ‘send-left-overs-home’ back-up). Most everyone brings something. Christmas,  this year is at our house; das Hamonhaus.  Son Rick and Daughter-in-Law Lisa will be up from KY and will bring her Son (our Grandson) Mitchell (maybe), his Girlfriend  Ashley (if Ashley doesn’t have to work)  and their Daughter Makayla (the Apple of Rick’s eye and, our Great-Grand-daughter). Lisa’s Daughter Elizabeth (our Grand-daughter)  might or might not be here from Cincinnati with her Boyfriend Tony and their two Children, Eli and Zoey  (our other Great-Grandchildren).  Jerry and Michelle will be here from Clarksville, OH with our Grand-daughter Alexa.  Their other  Daughter (our Grand-daughter) Nicole will bring her Boyfriend Billy and possibly, his Mother Debbie.  June’s Sister Susan will bring her Daughter Sarah and possibly her Son Chris.  Chris is home for the holidays from college in Wisconsin.  I might have to find room in the stable outside and eat with the Maji, Shepherds and the livestock. It’s  entirely possible that we’ll break all previous attendance records (15?)  with a new possible total of 18. We pray for this event and it’s invitees for a blessing, safe travel and a greater bond for all.  If I understand the scriptures correctly, we are all brought together, friends and family alike, for God’s own reasons. We may never fully know and appreciate those reasons; but, I’m certain that it’s for the good of all.   So, from our family to your’s, may you enjoy a Blessed and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Bill and June

June with Davidson

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