I have reason to believe that at one time or another, you’ve actually “swung” a golf club! If not yourself, a member of your household. The following is no “big-deal” unless you happen to be me.  A carving buddy, Jack Kunz, gifted me a couple of his golf clubs today which happen to have been on my wish-list for several years.
Let me go back about three golf-seasons, to the year I was asked by two separate individuals, to show them how to “hit-a-golf-ball”. If you do actually know me, you are already laughing; I’m the last one to show anyone how to hit a golf-ball. One of these individuals was my grand-daughter, Michelle Marie. In the process of teaching her to hit with her “borrowed” clubs, she mentioned how much she would like to have a “hybrid” fairway club. It so happened that I had just acquired such a club at a charity-golf-outing and was quite taken with it. I gave it to her and have planned ever since to replace it. Footnote: She did make her high-school golf team that year. She soon gave up golf to be in the school’s chorus. She returned the borrowed clubs to the school, but she still retains Grandpa’s Hybrid.
Back to friend Jack at his manse earlier today. He had recently called to offer a gift to me of his Delta Planer which he is replacing with an up-graded one. I quickly accepted his generous offer and waited for his call to pick it up. The call came yesterday and I drove to his home to get it. The planer is a welcomed addition to my work-shop. While standing in his shop, the subject of golf came up, as well as his brand new set of Calloway Golf Clubs. His new set includes two Hybrids. I mentioned how that I hope to get around to getting a hybrid myself. All of a sudden Jack handed me from a nearby shelf, his Ping (my brand) two hybrids that were just replaced by his nifty Calloways; they are 18 & 24 degree fairway-clubs.
Well, they’re in my bag now until spring. I found and downloaded the attached Hybrid-Iron Conversion Chart to help me select the clubs to replace in my bag. You can see it below if this is of   interest to you:
Consult the relevant chart
below to determine what the
hybrid angle to look for
replacing a standard club.
Mens Hybrid Loft Conversion
Guide Hybrid Angle
Club Replaced
14° – 16° 3 wood or 1 iron
17° – 19° 5 wood or 2 iron
20° – 22° 7 wood or 3 iron
23° – 25° 9 wood or 4 iron
26° – 28° 5 iron
Apparently, I have a pre-mature case of cabin-fever and winter’s barely here. You “Snow-Birds” can rub-it-in if you wish.
Happy New Year and Play it as it lies!