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*Today’s Lifetime Visitor Count to this Blog is 10,082!.


*The Daily Grind

“The Daily Grind” (title of today’s blog) might be appropriate for an article for a Coffee House Blog or for a Woodcarving Blog; in this case, it’s sorta both!  Yes, it’s about carving (habitat) and I am, as you might expect, drinking coffee!  We take our meager exhibit to “Artistry in Wood” Friday afternoon (3 1/2 days from now) to set it up for the weekend show. To freshen-up our table, we want to have a new bird-carving there. It’s status is that the Red-headed Woodpecker is finished except for a little more paint; the base is finished except for some foliage and a lot of paint (from scratch).  So, June will tackle the paint and me, the foliage.

Yesterday, I brought some snippings of Boston Ivy in from the yard and color-copied them on my PC-Printer. Today, I plan to trace them onto mylar (clear-plastic) sheets with a black sharpie and cut-them out for traceable-patterns of several sizes of the leaves.  We’ve done this process before and at the Habitat Seminar I conducted earlier this year.  Using the black-sharpie again, I’ll trace several sizes of leaves on to a sheet of thin brass and cut them out with scissors. Gotta be careful of not getting finger-cuts from the sharp edges.  Using a finger-nail file or, a small sand-paper drum on my micro-motor, , I’ll sand-to-dull those sharp edges.  Using brass or copper wire, cut to stem-length,  I’ll use my upholstery-tack-hammer & small anvil to flatten about 1/2″ of both ends of each piece of wire-stems. Then, I’ll clean each stem by sanding lightly with swiss-paper.  My design for this particular base is to cut approximately 1/8″ copper or brass wire into 2 1′ long vines, grinding a taper onto one end of each vine. Without quite so much detail, I’ll just explain that the stems are to be silver-soldered onto the leaves and then, on to the vines. Veins will be scribed onto the leaves and the  solder-joints all to be ground/sanded smooth and epoxied & sanded again.   These are all still flat and as such, to be painted. Next, all leaves should be fashioned/curled-slightly to resemble the live leaves out in the yard. On the vines, I expect to solder 1″ posts to be glued into holes drilled in the sides of the base.  Hopefully, this can all be accomplished by Friday afternoon.  If successful, I hope a few of you will see the results at the show or later, on this blog’s photo page.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3

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