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*The Future of Das Hamonhaus, In the Near Term

The Hamonhaus Artmeisters

I’ll be going out there (my garage/shop) shortly and turn up the base-board heater to get things cozy. I’ll putter around moving my “stuff”; since it was mostly just unloaded from our Nissan when we arrived home from Sauder Village Sunday night.  I’d like to plow right into carving on my pair of Green Herons which are both coming along nicely. However; I first need to “jump” on several bird-carving-repairs which I’ve agreed to do for perfect strangers in need. I don’t know how my name got out there (to several states) but, I certainly don’t have plans to do any more repairs (unless, I’m the carver who sold them).

We  plan to continue doing our five wood-carving shows per year; as well as our exclusive seasonal weekly “Carve-Ins” with the “Hamonhaus Carvers” . I said “with”, because, now I’m just one of the flock. If I don’t have carvers around me, everyone will wonder who I’m talking to!  The main difference  I’m really heavily counting on, is that I will  focus on my own carvings much more; and, not on my responsibilities to the students. Hopefully, this will have the desired affect of improving the out-come and quality of my own carvings!  I am no longer a member of any Carving Guild or Club; with the exception of the National Association of Woodcarvers (Chip-Chats), for the same reasons I am retiring from teaching. Distractions!  I fully expect to continue this blog inperpetuity.

I’m definitely available with-out a fee to any Hamonhaus Carver who has any current or previous carving-class project, as yet unfinished. June will be open (at previous rates) to assist or to teach the painting on these existing projects. She can not undertake teaching new projects unless the terms are increased to a reasonable amount for her time. This is how we are spelling-out our “retirement”. The Wood Duck project several of us are sneaking up on is a “Carve-In” project and has no fees; just individual material costs . Hopefully, we’ll be successful and possibly undertake future projects, as well.

I plan to attend Bob Guge’s Bird Carving Workshop for the three days prior to the Sauder Village Woodcarving Show in October of next year . I’m excited about that. This time of transition feels good to both June and me. We’re getting our Saturdays back for one thing. I’ve carved most every day for several weeks, indicating to me that my new motivation might just be “kicking” in.

There; I hope we’re all on the same page. As I always like to say and think, “we’re all in this together“!

Happy birding and carving,   Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3


* Notes from June’s Painting Seminar March 11, 2011

June Hamon, Wildfowl Artist



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