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*Post Turkey Day Wrap-up

November 23, 2012

Das Hamonhaus

Our big day (yesterday) lived-up to it’s rep! The Turkey wasn’t the only one stuffed in the room. Get well. Retirement is not for the week or the sick. I’m still in the midst of trying to get these “carving-repairs” behind me so I can get back to my own stuff.  No more repairs; please!
The comments I have made to several, was apparently my own mis-under-standing regarding about being requested to teach a work-shop at next year’s Middletown Show.  I won’t be teaching anywhere for the for-see-able future; nor, clubbing, demo’ing, or judging. Carving has only very recently become my priority and shall remain as such. I may have also mentioned at the show, a commission I’ve accepted (at the show) to carve a tropical bird (sz of a Bluejay). Another, first!
The “list” just doesn’t get shorter as I had hoped that it would. I’m also “itching” to do those long-awaited bases on my router, planner and lathe, cut-out some small critters (chipmonks, cray-fish, fish & bunnies) and finish the herons.
All of this before I can pick-up-to-work-on, the nearly finished Saw-whet Owls, Kestrel and Red-tailed Hawk. Oh, don’t forget my proposed Wood Duck Drake, Eagle Cane and Eagle Walking Staff (wood/blanks on hand). You can feel my frustration (and eagerness). I wouldn’t trade places with anyone.
Best wishes to all of our Carving Buddies for the rest of this Holiday Season. May all of you be equally challenged and re-gain your full measure of health and happiness.
Happy Carving, Bill & June

*”Artistry in Wood”, Last Wood-Carving Show for 2012

2012 Middletown Show

This weekend we’ll be at Artistry in Wood, Vandalia, OH at the Dayton Int’l. Airport Exhibition Center. This is our last hoorah for 2012 and, we’re already penciling-in our traditional five shows for 2013. We’ve critiqued our selections (as we do from time to time) with an eye to cutting back a little more, all of the time. We can’t think of any we’d willingly give up at this time. This “cutting-back” has nothing to do with “diminished-capacity on our part (at least, not yet);  but, I feel that everything that we are curtailing, has previously diminished the level of my personal carvings. We also can not continue to offer the painting classes for such a low a flat-fee.  Some carvers took days to do their project’s painting.  Future painting-classes would be at an hourly-rate, should there be a need for them.  Distractions of all kinds are costly to the excellence of the carvings. See my point? It obviously remains to be seen if I am correct or not.

In the spirit of “cutting-back”, I don’t expect to judge or demo at any future shows, as we have over the past years.  We don’t expect to teach “group-classes” anymore, either. What we do expect to continue with-out much, if any, alteration, is our carving, painting, shows and weekly “Carve-Ins (in season).  I’m planning on taking my 2d work-shop with Bird-Carver Bob Guge, next October at the Sauder Village Woodcarving Show.

Church friend and neighbor, Tom S. “Gifted” me his “elderly” Rockwell table saw yesterday, which he has already replaced with a “still-in-the-box”, new one. I’ve wanted one forever and now, I have one. It’s primary use will be the same as my other “gifted” shop-tools; making bases for my bird-carvings. My friends have “gifted” so many vintage-shop-tools to me that I don’t know whether to set-up a “shop” or a “museum”! Just sayin’.

A last word about our Carve-Ins; These have always been available to only “Hamonhaus Carvers” and, they know who they are. They are anyone who ever paid class-fees to attend one of our regular woodcarving classes.  This keeps the sessions intimate and among old friends, not new ones. These Carve-Ins will dribble-down to nil eventually and become another foot-note to our Wildfowl Artist’s careers. How very appropriate.  Just like that old poem about the “10 little Indians”; “and then, there were none”.

We’ve surmised that we have processed hundreds of carvers thru “Das Hamonhaus” and, have carved several-hundreds of birds (they are all #’d, you know). We believe that there are many carver’s who will recall techniques from time-to-time, shared with them for the first time by the ol’ miesters of Das Hamonhaus.

Happy birding and carving,   Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3

*The Future of Das Hamonhaus, In the Near Term

The Hamonhaus Artmeisters

I’ll be going out there (my garage/shop) shortly and turn up the base-board heater to get things cozy. I’ll putter around moving my “stuff”; since it was mostly just unloaded from our Nissan when we arrived home from Sauder Village Sunday night.  I’d like to plow right into carving on my pair of Green Herons which are both coming along nicely. However; I first need to “jump” on several bird-carving-repairs which I’ve agreed to do for perfect strangers in need. I don’t know how my name got out there (to several states) but, I certainly don’t have plans to do any more repairs (unless, I’m the carver who sold them).

We  plan to continue doing our five wood-carving shows per year; as well as our exclusive seasonal weekly “Carve-Ins” with the “Hamonhaus Carvers” . I said “with”, because, now I’m just one of the flock. If I don’t have carvers around me, everyone will wonder who I’m talking to!  The main difference  I’m really heavily counting on, is that I will  focus on my own carvings much more; and, not on my responsibilities to the students. Hopefully, this will have the desired affect of improving the out-come and quality of my own carvings!  I am no longer a member of any Carving Guild or Club; with the exception of the National Association of Woodcarvers (Chip-Chats), for the same reasons I am retiring from teaching. Distractions!  I fully expect to continue this blog inperpetuity.

I’m definitely available with-out a fee to any Hamonhaus Carver who has any current or previous carving-class project, as yet unfinished. June will be open (at previous rates) to assist or to teach the painting on these existing projects. She can not undertake teaching new projects unless the terms are increased to a reasonable amount for her time. This is how we are spelling-out our “retirement”. The Wood Duck project several of us are sneaking up on is a “Carve-In” project and has no fees; just individual material costs . Hopefully, we’ll be successful and possibly undertake future projects, as well.

I plan to attend Bob Guge’s Bird Carving Workshop for the three days prior to the Sauder Village Woodcarving Show in October of next year . I’m excited about that. This time of transition feels good to both June and me. We’re getting our Saturdays back for one thing. I’ve carved most every day for several weeks, indicating to me that my new motivation might just be “kicking” in.

There; I hope we’re all on the same page. As I always like to say and think, “we’re all in this together“!

Happy birding and carving,   Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3

*Time to Peek at 2012 at das Hamonhaus

The Hamonhaus Artmeisters

This week-end will be our traditional “kick-off” of our “wood-carving” year. as usual, there will be a few changes!  We will be at the Middletown, OH Show to mix, mingle and exhibit.  Since our bevy of carvings-on-hand tends to dwindle, our table will be a “little-lighter than usual. Hopefully, that will be somewhat remedied by the Brukner Show, Troy, OH. in May.  (new location & new dates)  By then, we will have commenced our Spring Wood-Carving Class on April 21st; the Cedar Wax-wing Songbird (again).    To jump the gun a little, we will accept registrations (spelled: “checks”)  for that class, now!  Feel free to do this at the show this weekend if you so desire. Consequently, our Wednesday “Carve-ins” will  commence from 2-5p.m. weekly for all past & current “Hamonhaus Carvers” on Wednesday, April 25th; meaning, for all of our students (only).  Our Summer Class will be the “Little Green Heron” commencing on July 21st, 2012. It’s our “first-ever” Water bird”. Who knows whatever this new bird-group might lead to; other Herons?  Loons?  Ducks?  Scary; right!  Please remember, we will only ever accept 6 carvers per class (for the good of all).  First come, first served, as per usual. (Festival-Registration, hehe)   Registrations for the Summer Heron Class will be accepted as of May 15th. As usual, Reminder-E-Mails will go out to our “short” mailing-list 30-Days before Classes commence.

Please adopt the habit of consulting this blog-site for possible changes to our Calendar of Events or Wood-carving Show Schedules. I will, as usual, endeavor to keep these current at all times. Due to our show-schedules and national holiday week-ends, we will have the customary interruptions to our classes.  This, is a “good” thing which makes us eager to regroup and to carry on.

Each of you are good friends as well as being  our “carving-buddies”. I try to provide ample opportunities for you to visit and “just carve”. That’s why we created the free-carve-ins years ago.


Happy birding and carving,    Bill


Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3

*Our Weekend at the Brukner Woodcarving Show, Troy, OH

The Brukner Woodcarving Club has put on an excellent show every year for decades. In fact, we were exhibitors there in 1988, 1989 and 1990. For, whatever reason, we choose to not return there for many years. Apparently, whatever it was, I’ve  gotten over it enough that we’ve been back for several years now and it’s still a very  good show. Unfortunately, not many patrons came to see it this weekend. A lot of planning and hard work by all concerned was not well repaid by the usual loyal attendance. Well, we always enjoy exhibiting at shows; seeing old friends, current and former students of ours.  I enjoyed eating my bag-lunch down by the Nature Center’s pond and watching the birds.  I guess the high-light of the show was the painting contest. June was chosen again to be one of the three judges. About eight contestants each painted a ceramic bunny rabbit. The perennial-winner was again, Juanita Early. Did you know that she is also a member of a Banjo Player’s Guild and plays with them regularly? Talented Lady. She was also an early (no pun intended) influence on my “bird-carving”.  She was really good at it but now, carves other things just as well. I took a few pics of the contest. Maybe you can pick out a few whose names you may. recall.

Congrats Juanita!

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3

*Time to Get Busy

June Prepping for her Demo in Middletown

June will be presenting her Seminar/Demo at theMVWC  Middletown, OH Woodcarving Show tomorrow. I will be one of three Judges who will Judge the Carving Competition today.  The Show is at the Christ Methodist Church just off Grand Ave. which is off of S.R.122.  We saw many of our Carving Friends at last night’s “Exhibit Set-Up”.  Come and see us today or tomorrow. Our old friend Johnny Wilkens and Gertrude will be there with his bird-carvings. He has a beautiful American Kestrel that he has just finished. We saw the “Woodbee Carver”, Don Mertz last night and our friends Don and Jan Ward. Seeing our friends is the real “Gold” we’re there to mine. It always sparkles.  Next Saturday will commence our Spring Class which is the Bluejay. The first class I ever taught was the Bluejay in 1988. Johnny Wilkens and Bernie Bice convinced me to try teaching.  That happened to be my first year as a wood-carver. How time flys when you’re having fun. On that note, next month will be our 50th Wedding Anniversary. She’s a winner.

Happy birding and Carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3

*Can You Hear Me Now?

Bill & June, Wildfowl Artists

We’ve been without a PC for over two weeks! No Blog, No E-Mail, etc.  Our new PC & Printer was delivered yesterday and I’m still working on it to get back up to speed. So, I’m mentioning a few up-dates FYI and a promise to be settled back into a normal routine soon.

* For those of you who e-mail us, we’re back!

* For those of you who have my cell-phone address, I now text also!  If you want it, e-mail me for it.

*For those who want me to have your e-mail address for whatever, just e-mail me about it.

*For anyone interested in our up-coming Spring Class on the Bluejay, (2d Sat. in Mar.), we have only two openings remaining. Contact us now.

*For anyone interested in our Summer Class on the American Kestrel (Sparrow Hawk), we also have only two openings remaining. Contact us now.

*Our first Woodcarving Show this year is the Middletown Show, the first weekend of March. I’m to be one of the judges and June is to present her demo on Painting birds and feathers.

*Our current project is to complete the finishing touches on the Eastern Bluebird.

*My next project is to carve this year’s series of 6 Shore-Bird  Stick Decoys to mostly be donated to this year’s shows where-ever we attend their banquets. Each year for 6 years we have done so with a different  species. This year it’s the Artic Tern.

* For those Hamonhaus Carvers who participate in our free Carve-Ins (Weds. 2-5p.m.), they’re in full swing at this time.

* I recommend that anyone interested in  attending a class or a carve-in ,  first check the Calendar of Events & Classes page of this blog to verify the schedule before attending a class or a carve-in. All such are subject to change or cancellation without notice.

Happy birding and carving,  Bill

Bald Eagle #3

Bald Eagle #3

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