There are many other versions and brands of tools that I would also like to use. I have been fortunate to be blessed to be  gifted over the years with several “hand-me-down” tools from friends.  I can’t always have the “newest & best” but  I enjoy making good use of the “rest”!  I’m only referring here to “my tools & accessories”  loosely-listed in their order of usefulness.

1.  Jet 14″ Wood Cutting Bandsaw with 6″ riser block, roller-bearing blade guides, quick-release blade- tension lever,  roller-dolly, custom Magnetic Rip-fence (by Larry Long), Carter Accuright Circle-Cutting Jig  & assorted width blades.

2. Foredom Flexible Shaft Grinder with 3 Collet sizes and assorted cutting/grinding bits

Foredom Flex-Shafted Grinder

3.  Foredom Micro-Motor Grinder with Adaptor and assorted cutting/grinding bits.

Micro-Motor is on bottom

4.  Colwood Detailer Woodburner with Replaceable-Bits Handpiece and assorted burning tips. See above photo; Woodburner is on top.

5.  Laptop Dust Collector,  sitting on an early model  aluminum “walker” sans the wheels.

Lap-top Dust collector sitting on a walker

6.  Optivisor magnification glasses


7.  Ott Light Personal Light Source

Ott Light – Personal Light Source

8.  Proxxon Pen Sander w/full-sized Adapter and assorted attachments

Proxxon Pen Sander

9.   Central Machinery Wood Lathe w/7″ Sanding Disc 14″@40″ and Assorted Cutting Gouges

40@14 in Turning Lathe on Stand

10.  Craftsman 1 HP Router and Assorted Bits

Craftsman 1 HP Router and Table w/ bits

11.  Dremel Bench-top 1″ Belt-sander

Dremmel 1 in Belt-sander

 12.   Safety Glasses & Full-Mesh Face-Mask

Safety Glasses and Full-Mesh Face Mask

13.  Central Machinery Bench-top drill Press with Assorted Drill-bits

Bench-top Drill Press

14.  Dremel  Rotary Grinder with assorted bits

15.  Honing Wheel on an Electric Drill

Honing Wheel on an Electric Drill

16.  Delta 12 1/2″ @ 6″ Portable Planer Model 22-560

17.  Dust Mask, Sand/Swiss paper, coffee mug, leather apron, First Aid Kit,    my tunes, a few carving buddies and a sense of humor.

18.   Assorted knives, gouges, scalpels, rifflers, etc.

*  More to come…eventually….maybe!

**Wish List  (and, why not!)

1.   Dual-Grinding Wheels with Grinding wheels, light & accessories

2.   Floor-type Space-Heater for Wood-shop

3.   Pair of Stainless Bar-Stools (padded- vynl seats) 1 each  for the Carving-shop & the Wood-shop

4.    ???

Wildlife is for  carving, Bill